Kluge Digital Resource


The Kluge Digital Resource - “KDR” - is a shared research infrastructure supporting the study of German writer, filmmaker, social theorist, and public intellectual Alexander Kluge. Developed in collaboration with the Alexander Kluge Foundation and Bremen, Cornell and Princeton universities since 2014 and managed by Data Futures, the KDR provides long-term accessibility to texts, out-of-print books and more than 3,500 films and videos produced throughout Alexander Kluge's exceptional career, as well as current teaching and research materials.

Between June and August 2017 material from the 'Alexander Kluge: Cultural History in Dialogue' project of Bremen and Cornell universities, with transcripts and English translations of the German dialogue, will be added to the KDR and in October a service to the wider academic community will be launched, including a range of material to be made available to the public.